Did You Know...
What plant is believed
to be the fastest
growing plant?

    The giant bamboo of
    Myanmar is believed
    to be the fastest
    growing plant.  It can
    grow up to 18 inches
    in one day.
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BETZ Landscaping cl #749675
    BETZ Landscaping can create breathtaking outdoor landscapes that
    will dramatically enhance the enjoyment of your yard. Whatever you
    can dream, we can build.

    Once begun, half-way done...
    Landscaping has a logical order of progression. The process begins
    with the landscape design followed by the implementation of that
    plan which involves the construction. Landscape construction covers
    all the components of the landscape plan and usually begins with the

    What is Hardscape?
    The hardscape landscape plan around which the plantings will flow.
    BETZ Landscaping takes great pride with the use of innovative and
    creative products available to construct a variety of hardscape

    It  All Comes Together
    After the hardscapes are completed, then comes the layout and
    installation of the plantings. The plantings will range from shade
    trees, ornamental trees and evergreens to groundcovers, perennials
    and lawn areas. It is the layout of the plantings, their flower and leaf
    color,  texture, branching habit and growth characteristics that all
    come together to enhance the hardscape and create paradise
    throughout your yard.
    BETZ Landscaping takes pride in the wide selection and use of
    unusual plantings, always ensuring that they will survive in our Plant  
    Zone 8-9. As you might guess, with the meticulous effort that is put
    into the design and construction of our landscapes, we have no
    problem guaranteeing our work. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty,
    called the BETZ Guarantee, if our maintenance division maintains
    your landscape after installation.

    All of our plant material is guaranteed for one year from the date of
    installation. BETZ Landscaping will guarantee most  plantings and
    lawn for a period of 1 year after installation. Certain plant types
    cannot carry this warranty (palms, annual flowers, etc.).

    BETZ Landscaping gives a one year warranty on all workmanship
    and materials. BETZ Landscaping will also guarantee a working
    irrigation system for a period of 1 year after installation to be free from
    manufacturer defects as well as poor workmanship.

    BETZ Landscaping cannot honor any of our guarantees under the
    following circumstances: improper watering schedule, improper
    maintenance, acts of God (freezing or excessive temperatures, wind,
    fire, flood), and/or vandalism.
A beautiful BETZ backyard installed in
2004 and maintained ever since.
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California Landscape Contractors Association.