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Loropetalum and crape
myrtles are among the
most widely grown in
plant zones 7-10.
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    TOP 10 Plants for your

    Ornamental Grasses
    With heights ranging from under 1'  to over
    10', ornamental grasses are enjoying
    rapidly increasing popularity.
    Ornamental grasses can fit in any
    landscape and can make outstanding
    specimen plants when used individually .
    In addition to a wide range of heights and
    spreads, there is a variety of leaf sizes and
    colors. Leaf colors range from pale greens
    to bright blues and blood reds, with many
    types of both vertical and horizontal stripe

    Most of the ornamental grasses require
    full sun and will produce a wide variety of
    flowers, ranging from small, bottlebrush
    arrangements to large, showy plumes.
    Flower colors range from pale yellows and
    pinks to deep maroons. Many of the flower
    spikes last into the winter giving added
    landscape interest.

    Small Grasses
    Small clump forming grasses and grass-
    like plants such as mondo grass make
    excellent rockgarden plants or can be
    mass-planted as attractive groundcovers.
    They are good companions to spring-
    flowering bulbs or as border edging.

    Mid-Size Grasses
    18 to 36” tall and make nice focal points in
    either perennial borders or annual
    bedding schemes. Varieties of Fountain
    Grass add height and interest.
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Plant type
    White and red flowered forms and both bloom
    prolifically beginning in late winter into spring and
    then continue sporadically throughout the summer.
Butterfly Bush
    Butterfly bush can get 6'-12' tall and have a spread
    of 4'-15' in warm climates.
    Bright colored ground cover.
Japanese Maple
    Prized for their foliage throughout the growing
    season. Incredibly diverse in leaf, color and growth
    habit. Spectacular fall foliage specimen tree.
    Great color for shade.
Mondo Grass
    Low maintenance ground cover
    Do you want that tropical feel? Thrives in long, hot
    summers. Large, festive flowers appear on spikes
    above very large leaves.
Carpet Roses
    Easy-care. Masses of bloom. Six colors to choose
    from. No fancy pruning- just cut back to half size.